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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

9:11 pm

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

♥ Ice Breaking and Telematch

The reason back to campus early is just for this event. Its an orientation event for the freshmen of UTAR. Its is a event where all freshmen gather and play games together and meet new friends there. Last semester i was a committee for Food and Refreshment department. This sem, i'll be the facilitator where i will be involve in the games with the freshmen and guide them through the whole event. Yesterday, me, goon and my dear went to the briefing at around 8pm at tar road of beijing house which facing the lake. i sit until my ass pain weh. we sat until 11pm just for the brief and Q&A session for our roles. Tomorrow we will test the games at sport complex UTAR. Hope the games are fun to play. Until then, Friday is the event day. But what i heard from goon is that the event starts at 6.30a.m. i personally dun think that freshmen will attend the event that early. even if i am participant i also wouldn't like to attend that early event. This is what i heard only hope its not that early bah. If not, then i think this event attendance will be very low.

Lastly, OMG Results are coming out tomorrow. Fuck This Shit!. GG lo. one thing weird.... i thought that i am gonna fail my BA 2 paper which i did not done well in the final paper. But when i go through the so called "credit hour calculation thingy" i passed all the subject without any fails. Is UTAR trolling me or just to trick me around with credit hours then fail me? Anyway, tired dy malas to continue~  Adios~

1:56 am

Saturday, 19 May 2012

♥ Rage Of Tired!

Todays wheather is not kai wan xiao. Inside my car also i wan sweat out of my whole body. OMG what weather is this, Can't escape from this and need to work summore, at evening time i felt exhausted dy, so i took the opportunity to rest the whole night at home. Well, the most tired and rage period is where you sleeping and being awake in the middle of your rest. My damn brother woke me up in that period to ask me fetch grandma while he go out to meet his friends. On that time i totally rage up and scolded him nag him with bunch rude words. really beh tahan him eh. and that time my eyes was totally red which means im tired and being woke by that fella in the middle of my sweet dreams. Uhh... what a bad fortune today.

Here comes another feeling, ^_^
Don't know why, i felt that another that incidents occurred which not related to me but involve with everyone there gave me a feeling that "LOVE" is very precious. I don't know how to define it but i feel like appreciate it more and make this feeling more precious to me and take care more on this matter. Come to think of it, My dear really Loves me ^^. reminds me how precious her love towards me.


2:54 am

Thursday, 17 May 2012

♥ The Days, The Time, The Years.

A blink of eye, we arrived at 2012, a blink of eye, I'm 20th. Those days are those days, Time passes faster than my money. Everything gonna be fine nor shall I. All right, Im here again my little grumpy blog, Over the past, I'm having a great life. Study in degree of my Uni in Utar Year 1 sem 2, so fast? Its quite suffering, just to aim for my dream. Having 1 week holidays is quite exciting. I spent my holidays working and enjoy like normal workers. finish work on the day, night time yumcha with friends. Gonna end soon these days...

8:49 pm

Thursday, 29 September 2011

♥ My Dear

<3My Lover<3

My dear hair style was long hair
She went to get a haircut
And came out this result
first moment i cant accept my dear like that
But after a while i think its not bad after all
Coz she's the one i love ^^
I love Lee Wan Teng <3

9:53 pm

♥ Genting Highlands

ON 26th - 28th of september

Me and my old friends went to Genting Highland for the second time in year 2011. First day we arrive day wasn't a good weather as the wind there were so strong and the thick of haste cannot be measured. But nice, long time dint get to enjoy this kind of cool wind blowing towards my whole body. Therefore, we just could get indoor theme park to play. Then we spent the night for the movie Johnny English reborn, the movie was so funny from the start until the end. I cant stop laughing about this movie lol. On the second day, we headed to the outdoor theme park to play. Not much to play because many of the games were under maintenance. At least we get to play some games after all. For the last day, before we check out, we had a great yummy buffet steamboat at hot pot genting. We ate until our stomach cannot tank any food anything, we were so satisfied for this set of brunch. Last we went shopping before leaving the place. some of them brought choc and some brought souveniers. A nice trip to get the cold air @ Genting ^^

9:51 am

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

♥ Its very hard to believe

I have walked so far, I have seen so far.
Not everything I see is the peaceful way
Some are happy, some are not
Why do we need to suffer alot?

I made my self this words, hmm, seems miserable. Just got to know that some sort of thing i think was wrong until i realized that it does not turn to the point i think but it reverse the point i was thinking. Many people, many way; Many meanings, still that way~

it already happens for the 1st time where i myself also could not accept. Now, is the second time i heard about it that its the end of their line, first of all i was upset for the her but come to think in his side the most hurt is him not her.Most of the time i can see him doing great thing great man but still i don't know why. Maybe the reason will be reveal if i ask. I don't want to coz its hurts.

Just want to share that as friends, i can help, i help but something you, yourself must clear yourself. I hope u could have a better one, Don't give up on yourself, find a better one, life is not only one thing u could have.

I support Him but not Her anymore...

4:39 am

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